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At 10X Physiotherapy, the Concierge Difference is all about your personal health and wellness goals. Your unique needs and circumstances affect your ability to reach those goals, and when physical therapy is involved, time becomes a critical factor - time to travel to appointments, time to do the exercises, time to receive the therapy. Our commitment is to deliver the physical therapy you need to you - to your home or office - helping you achieve your health goals efficiently.

Ask yourself - how much time do I have in my daily schedule? If you are like most of our patients, the answer is “none.” Working through your physical therapy needs with 10X Physiotherapy, you’ll experience the therapy you need to recover while at your home or office. You’ll work with the same trained therapist each visit, instead of a different person each time. And you’ll find that you can do the exercises just as effectively at your place as at theirs. It’s a better way to help time-crunched individuals address their therapy needs.

Consider the existing physical therapy model:

  • 3 visits for 4 weeks = 12 visits (12 hours in a clinic; 24 trips to and from the clinic, etc.).

  • One therapist seeing multiple patients during the hour-long session (a maximum of 30 minutes of individualized care).

  • 12 hours in a clinic for 6 hours of care, not counting drive time = 50% efficiency at best.

Working with 10X Physiotherapy, the same patient could receive the same 6 hours of treatment, individualized, in only 6 visits, instead of 12. And there’s no drive time! Just uninterrupted, individualized care delivered in the comfort of your home or office.

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