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30 Minutes for $30

Our basic (and best) way to get acquainted with you and your health and wellness needs is a simple, brief meeting with Dr. Kristen Zeanah. In a half-hour session, he will conduct an overview scan of your health and your body’s mobility. He’ll discuss with you any specific wellness concerns you may have and talk with you about ways that 10X Physiotherapy can help you achieve your wellness goals. This initial screening takes place at your home or office at a convenient, agreed upon time. Additional therapy, exercises and other services can be explained and pricing discussed. To schedule your initial 30 for $30, phone 205.834.3953.

Routine Home or Office Visit

Regular visits by the therapist to your home or office are billed at $165 per hour. The therapist provides all equipment that is used.

Multiple Visit Packages

Pricing discounts are available for multiple visits scheduled in advance: -

  • Six (6) visits $900 ($150 ea.)

  • Ten (10) visits $1,400 ($140 ea.)

Performance Packages

Single-visit Sport-specific Evaluation $185

Sport-specific Evaluation and follow up (3 visit package) $400

  • Includes initial visit with detailed biomechanical evaluation, video analysis and a home corrective program.

  • 1-week follow up visit addresses any changes that may be needed to the home corrective program, and includes any skilled therapy needed to treat specific issues.

  • 1 month follow up visit re-assesses and treats any changes needed in the program.

RE-BOOT Recovery Package (single visit) $120

  • One hour of skilled physical therapy techniques (soft tissue work, joint manipulation, IASTM, Manual Stretching).

  • 20 minutes of Rapid Reboot (sequential compression system, full length extremity.

REBOOT Recovery Package Multiple Discount (5 visits) $550


Call 205.834.3953 for additional pricing details